Traditional Outdoor Blinds/Awnings

The Alfresco Gearbox Straight Drops are the perfect blend between sleek style and simple functionality,  these awnings can be made up to 6000mm if required in one span. Using high grade steel top tube we eliminate top tube sag up to 4000 guaranteed.

The custom design (Australian Made) bottom rail in seven standard colours allows for vast functionality with over seven different fixing options as the design even caters for a sleek valance to cover any unwanted gaps.

Available in 3 types of materials:

Simple, function and versatility. Is it any wonder this awning is our top seller?

Alfresco Drops

Using only the best German gearboxes, we have taken the strain out of raising and lowering the systems and the removable crank handle means these are child safe – no cords, chains or cables.


  • Perfect blend between style and functionality.
  • Custom designed (Australian-made) bottom rail in 7 standard colours
  • German gearboxes for ease of use
  • Removable crank handle means this child friendly (no cords or chains)
  • Optional headbox protects your fabric when rolled away


  • Span can vary from 500mm to 6000mm
  • Universal bracket for Top or Face fix applications.
  • Huge selection of fixing options bottom fittings


  • External grade stainless steel and zinc-plated hardware.
  • Upgrade top tube options available for wider spans
  • Huge range of fabric types including, mesh, acrylic and PVC
  • Custom powder coating available upon request.

Cable Guide

Another version of the Gearbox Straight Drop, this awning is fundamentally identical except for Stainless steel wires down each side and using 316 marine grade stainless steel brackets. The wires are used to keep the bottom rail in a safe, stable position when winding the awning up and down and the system can be used just as is. Strapping the system down is however recommended as strong winds can still blow the awning up and down with or without these wires.

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