Magnetic Screens

Freedom™ Magnetic screens are a discreet screen solution for all types of windows, and an effective screening alternative to unsightly aluminium fixed screens or for hard to screen windows. The easy-to-use corner finger grip allows you to lift the screen from the magnetic strip to enable safe and easy cleaning. Available in a variety of colours to ensure they blend perfectly with your interior, the Magnetic Screens are suitable for all sizes and types of windows, including outward-opening, casement and double hung windows. The magnetic strip can be attached to timber, aluminium and PVC frame

Technical Drawings

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Download Brochure

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Key Features

  • Flexible and almost invisible
  • Provides easy access to clean windows
  • Affordable yet effective insect screens
  • Fits on aluminium, timber and most other frame materials
  • Works on casement or hopper windows
  • Easy to install

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